Murphy’s law.

Written by Pete Winchell

   Have you ever heard of Murphy’s law? Where anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Well, this couple’s love is above that law. Earlier in the week, we spent time together with Stephanie and Nate inside a coffee shop on a Main Street. Escaping the chilling torrential downpours of rain outside. Despite the cold rains, these two brought in a warming energy with them.

   We learned about their first outing, which happened to be on Valentine’s day. She made it perfectly clear that they weren’t on a date. However, their love would prove to be above that. It showed by the way they told their stories, shared their most loved memories, and simply through the way they spoke of each other.


   We listened as they walked us through their day. Starting on a tall grassy hill they constructed an arbor by materials sourced from a local lumber mill. Seats would be facing the beautiful centerpiece, overlooking a field filled with wildflowers and stone walls. Following the ceremony, they’d move down the hill towards the entrance of the historic chestnut barn. Attendees could mingle with cocktails, sign a hand-built guest book and enjoy a social hour. Dinner would be served under a tent that blanketed a Goshen stone patio. Then finally the crowd would move inside the vast 45’ tall open truss ceiling of the Great Hall. Amidst the bamboo floors, they would put on a display with their best dance moves.

  Prior to the wedding, the Berkshires battled the cool fall temperatures and occasional fits of rain. That alone is enough to stress most couples who are planning an outdoor wedding. Somehow this pair remained calm and optimistic that the fall conditions would cooperate for them. Taunting Murphy’s law with their powerful will.

   Alivia and I took the backroads through the remarkable New England towns. We drove up the dirt driveway under the cover of the old maple trees that were showing off their best fall attire. Upon arriving we would be greeted with sunshine and blue skies. A rebuttal to the long gloomy week. As we walked the grounds we captured the personal details that family, friends, and the couples love had imprinted through decor. Wine barrels from their favorite vineyard would provide the support for printed memories framed inside mason jars. At the patio’s entrance was a greeting board shaped like a door. The wood frame held chicken wire that was speckled with name cards secured by clothespins. Each was handwritten and assigned to tables. My favorite though was a shadow box that Nate brought out to the signing table. Inside he carefully pinned love notes they had written each other throughout the years. A surprise that he couldn’t wait to show Stephanie.


  Around noon the groomsmen would get ready and the bridesmaids would eat pizza. Rumors quickly spread that the best-mans shoes were among the missing. As guests rolled in one VIP vehicle would arrive with a special delivery. Ali and Ruger (Their dogs) drove the best man's shoes all the way from Stephanie and Nate’s House. At the tail end, arrived Stephanie’s ride, which would bring her from the barn to the top of the hill. A sleek black classic pickup truck that the driver restored to show-condition with his father. An absolutely gorgeous result of hard work built from a family’s pastime.


  Written with true love Stephanie and Nate recited their vows. The moment was sweet and personal, sarcastic and kind. Which is exactly how I would describe each of their personalities. A couple that makes sure to include everyone, and ensures they have a good time. They understand the power of working together and patience. I recall this one story they mentioned to us while sitting in the coffee shop. It was from one of their first “dates”. The two were driving together to dinner when all of the sudden there popped an opportunity for a high five. Not wanting to miss this moment together she looked at him and locked down a solid up top. She taught him the key to a successful high five is to aim for the weenus (slang for the elbow skin). A borderline embarrassing choice of wording that ended up making for a fun lesson learned, that they will keep together forever. Stephanie and Nate, you are fantastic in every way. We’re glad that you agreed with our style. How we shoot photos based on what feels natural. No pressure, and from that you showed your purest affections towards each other on September 29th, 2018.


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 History of Montague farm

   This large estate was settled as a farm in 1798. In 1968 the prominent New England farms legacy transitioned to an eco-conscious culture, based on organic farming, renewable resources, and a healthier earth. Montague farms also housed members of an anti-nuclear movement, who promoted clean energy and peaceful living. The members helped organize the No Nukes concert in 1979, claiming famous hits from James Taylor, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Bruce Springsteen and more. Funds from the concert successfully stopped production of 2 nuclear towers close to the historic farm's roots, saving groves like those of the old red maples that surround the land.

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